The Current Phase of the Moon Tonight: Waning Crescent

Date night #2 well under way (in fact, almost done, sob!) Tonight we did all that we dreamed of doing last week but fell thru…had a nice glass of wine, went to eat at our favorite thai food restaurant and settled down at our favorite melting pot coffee shop, once again.  Very nice!

We have been out of town most of the week to our favorite destination locations on Lake Superior. The kids were off of school & we decided to get out of the house!  It was nice, #2 decided he forgot how to sleep, and #1 may have gotten just the slightest bit bored, but I think all worked out & the getaway was just what we needed!   I went back to work for 2 days & now here we are!

I scored over my vacay & got me a purdy new ring & the coziest sweater/jacket thingy ever!  Pictures to come….

I think I need to find new topics to talk about , what do you think?  Family? Hobbies? Food?  Places? Strange & Useless information about random things that aren’t very important?……..


About MNelson

Thirty-something wife of one & mother of two. Okay...maybe that qualifies as mother to three?? (Kidding...honey.) Instead of writing about my dreams & aspirations, I will write about my dreams of how every night of the week at least one of the 3 additional people in my household wake me from my very precious sleep to tell me something very unimportant. I love coffee. I love cake. I dislike waking up to a messy kitchen and I really dislike my #1 monkey becoming a pre-teen or my #2 monkey becoming WAY TO OLD. I have these new silver strands of hair (okay, they're not that new....) and I am having this crisis of if I should keep them or let them go. See, not high-tech stuff people.