Guilty Pleasures….

I love dance music.  Worse. I love teenage dance music…the kind that my #1 monkey is into lately.  I mean the kind that for years I couldn’t stand, but suddenly love….Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kesha, Black Eyed Peas, that new song with Eminem & Rhianna….most of you respectable people probably haven’t heard of these people and until recently I hadn’t either. I hurried to change the station or channel if I heard this music.  And don’t get me wrong, MOST of it is pure crap but there are a few that I just can’t help but pretend to hate but secretly love & do a little ‘seat dancing’ when I hear them.   Here they are in no particular order. I encourage you to do a little You Tubing & see if any fancy your inner-teenage-self:

1- Lady Gaga, Just Dance

2- Katy Perry, Teenage Dream

3- Usher, OMG

4- Katy Perry, Hot ‘N’ Cold

5- Bruno Mars, Grenade

6- Black Eyed Peas, The Time

7- Kesha, We R who we R

So those are a few.  Now, I cringe as hubby reads this later & finds out his wife is more of a freak than he knew!   Seriously though. Good tunes, really get you going….just try it.


About MNelson

Thirty-something wife of one & mother of two. Okay...maybe that qualifies as mother to three?? (Kidding...honey.) Instead of writing about my dreams & aspirations, I will write about my dreams of how every night of the week at least one of the 3 additional people in my household wake me from my very precious sleep to tell me something very unimportant. I love coffee. I love cake. I dislike waking up to a messy kitchen and I really dislike my #1 monkey becoming a pre-teen or my #2 monkey becoming WAY TO OLD. I have these new silver strands of hair (okay, they're not that new....) and I am having this crisis of if I should keep them or let them go. See, not high-tech stuff people.