A Full Day…Alone.

I just spend a 6 hour day alone.  I called into work, dropped my kids off (one at school, one with daycare friends), picked up a brown sugar & cinnamon latte to sip and came home.  I got to blast my music, eat a pizza at 10am, clean with whatever stinky cleaning products I want without any comments from the peanut gallery!  It was fantastic.  You know, when one gets PTO (paid time off) from their employer you’d think they would use it for family vacation, or a sick day…maybe even a funeral.  Me? Nope.  I use it to clean my house.  You know though, I am not complaining, really. I loved the fact that it’s 1pm and I now have a clean house without having to worry about working around the kids or listen to my hubby tell me that I am stinking up the house with my lavender and basil cleaning products (which I find absolutely yummy to clean with!)

I also tried to get Megan’s old princess bed put together for her (as a surprised) but I ran into a little issue…I have nothing for the mattress to sit on….apparently it doesn’t float.  I will have to have hubby fix when he gets home.  A gal can’t do everything! :)

So, I am going to run some errands, pick up #2, then #1 and it will be great to get the kids home & homework done all before having to cook dinner (which are leftovers so I don’t technically have to cook anyhow!).
All & all.  A very good day!


About MNelson

Thirty-something wife of one & mother of two. Okay...maybe that qualifies as mother to three?? (Kidding...honey.) Instead of writing about my dreams & aspirations, I will write about my dreams of how every night of the week at least one of the 3 additional people in my household wake me from my very precious sleep to tell me something very unimportant. I love coffee. I love cake. I dislike waking up to a messy kitchen and I really dislike my #1 monkey becoming a pre-teen or my #2 monkey becoming WAY TO OLD. I have these new silver strands of hair (okay, they're not that new....) and I am having this crisis of if I should keep them or let them go. See, not high-tech stuff people.