Why I believe my 2 year old to be smarter than my 8 year old

It’s been a challenging week. For many reasons, everyone is sick (always it seems). Hectic work schedules, hectic homework with #1. Oh, and the boy is getting trained to sleep in a big boy bed. In this crazy week I have found that though both of my kids can be complete dorks, I have found that the boy really is onto something. He has got some real intuitive ways about him….

- The 2 year old at least knows when I am pissed off in the middle of the night & runs back to his bed when I get in the hallway. The elder child simply hyperventilates & whines at my bedside until I can no longer handle it & ultimately give in to what she needs. Smart and effective, yet in the morning is the little one who I remember as being less of a pain in the you know what!

- The 2 year old stays absolutely quiet when he is into something he shouldn’t be. I mean statue-still. Even if its not a big deal, which those are my favorite. Suddenly me & hubby will look at each other & question where he is. We’ll find him behind the chair, still as can be with a piece of paper. Classic. Now, the elder child, once again blows this by completely “forgetting” what is allowed & what is not. She could get into, oh, let’s say my makeup. Instead of even trying to wash it off, or hide she looks at me with deer-in-the-headlight eyes & says, Oh, I forgot I wasn’t supposed to wipe your $15 face cream all over my body”.

- Dinner time. This amazes me. My little guy can eat form a fork & spoon just as well as most adults I have seen yet I am convinced he is pretending, as I believe all tots do, to have these spastic arm movements so that the food just goes flying. See, Mama doesn’t make him eat his spaghetti off the floor, so he chucks it. Hard & fast. You know what the parents say? Boy, he’s almost got that fork thing down! Good boy & all that stuff, right? He knows the score, guaranteed. He’s been sitting at the table for 2 years hearing Mom & Pop say to the girl, finish your food…finish your food, blah blah blah. He knows… The 8 year old can pack away an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting, however this one will kill me. She comes home starving. I cook a nice meal. While the boy is scooping & chucking, she brings tears to her own eyes about how her stomach hurts, she twirls the food around on her eating utensils & occasionally pushes it off her plate. This causes WW III at our home because we know she is going to be asking for food later. Now, if I were her, I would do what I did at 8 years old. Take this instance….my little brother & I begged, absolutely had to have scrambled eggs at, like, 7pm. Well, I for whatever reason, didn’t want them suddenly & the only way I saw to get rid of them was to shove them inside my shirt when nobody was looking. After my eggs were gone I ran to the bathroom & flushed them. Now that is thinking!!!

There is some truth to a mothers love. Must be, or my head would probably have exploded by now.


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