Thirty-something wife of one & mother of two. Okay...maybe that qualifies as mother to three?? (Kidding...honey.) Instead of writing about my dreams & aspirations, I will write about my dreams of how every night of the week at least one of the 3 additional people in my household wake me from my very precious sleep to tell me something very unimportant. I love coffee. I love cake. I dislike waking up to a messy kitchen and I really dislike my #1 monkey becoming a pre-teen or my #2 monkey becoming WAY TO OLD. I have these new silver strands of hair (okay, they're not that new....) and I am having this crisis of if I should keep them or let them go. See, not high-tech stuff people.

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Why Am I Interesting?

I’m not.  I used to think that blogging was for the ultra-vocabulary-talented or someone who really has an interesting life.  I fit into neither of those categories.   However, while at our local coffee shop this morning watching a middle-aged woman casually drink her coffee & slowly make out her grocery list,  I began to think that in a few…

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